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Bring back old-style la­bels and add ex­tra menu op­tions with XtraFin­der

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Finder has changed a lot over the years, adding much-needed fea­tures, but also tak­ing things away. While we’re big fans of the tabbed win­dows in OS X Mav­er­icks and Yosemite, we were dis­ap­pointed when old-style coloured la­bels van­ished, and also when the side­bar icons be­came de­press­ingly mono­chrome.

But where Ap­ple no longer pro­vides, en­ter­pris­ing third-party de­vel­op­ers are of­ten there to fill the

XtraFin­der en­ables you to add all kinds of fea­tures to power up OS X’s file man­ager

void. One such ex­am­ple is XtraFin­der, a free app (although you can do­nate to show your support) that’s avail­able from tranky­nam. com/xtrafin­der. Once in­stalled, the app en­ables you to add all kinds of fea­tures to Finder, sig­nif­i­cantly pow­er­ing up OS X’s file man­ager.

The app’s pref­er­ences are di­vided into four groups. ‘Tabs’ might seem su­per­flu­ous – the sec­tion re­ally ex­ists due to XtraFin­der pre-dat­ing OS X Mav­er­icks, which in­tro­duced na­tive Finder tabs – but there are more op­tions here than Ap­ple pro­vides, in­clud­ing a highly use­ful dual-pane view. ‘Fea­tures’ pro­vides a range of new toys to play with, ‘Ap­pear­ance’ deftly deals with both colour is­sues men­tioned ear­lier, and ‘Add items to Finder menus’ can sig­nif­i­cantly ex­pand the Finder con­tex­tual menu. Craig Gran­nell

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