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I sus­pect you may need an ar­ti­cle on iOS 8 fixes shortly. My iPad is hav­ing prob­lems ac­cess­ing the server since I put on iOS 8, and so is my son’s. Both my iPhone 5s and my Mac go on­line fine and the phone has iOS 8 on it so it must be a glitch in the iPad setup. There is al­ready a steady build-up of ques­tions on­line and this isn’t even men­tion­ing the Shell­shock prob­lem. Have Ap­ple rushed this out too quickly and is there a way back to iOS 7? I can imag­ine there will be a lot of very un­happy iPad users out there. Shame as this does not help Ap­ple’s good name. David Simp­son Paul Blach­ford says: We haven’t had any prob­lems with iOS 8 on any of our iPads, so it’s hard to know what’s go­ing wrong with your set-up here, David. Ap­ple has been quick to re­lease small up­dates and fixes for iOS 8, though, so hope­fully that has solved most of the big­gest prob­lems. I should quickly men­tion ‘Shell­shock’ though. This was the nick­name given to a se­cu­rity ex­ploit in Bash, a Unix com­mand in­ter­face. First, Shell­shock didn’t af­fect iOS, as far as we’re aware, and only af­fected Macs if they had some ad­vanced Unix con­fig­u­ra­tions ac­tive, ac­cord­ing to Ap­ple. Ap­ple has since patched OS X to re­move the bug. Given the na­ture of the show, it’s not re­ally a sur­prise to see Ap­ple prod­ucts show up fre­quently on C4’s Grand De­signs. Fun­nily enough, in the episode in which we spot­ted this Mac­Book Pro, an im­pres­sive round house with a cen­tral gar­den is be­ing built – sort

of a smaller ver­sion of Ap­ple’s new head­quar­ters!

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