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If we had the MacFor­mat team vote on which Mac was our favourite of all time, this would win eas­ily. I’m not even sure that it would get the most votes, but Chris and I would just start throw­ing things un­til the oth­ers agreed to let it win. The ‘An­gle­poise’ iMac was just a spec­tac­u­lar piece of de­sign. It was the purest em­bod­i­ment of Jony Ive’s ideals that de­sign should be a bal­ance be­tween aes­thet­ics and prac­ti­cal­ity. With the screen at­tached to a mo­bile arm, it was won­der­ful to work with – there’s a great men­tal boost to sit­ting down at a desk, grab­bing the screen and pulling it into a work­ing and view­ing po­si­tion that’s just so be­fore you get started. As a pro­duc­tiv­ity tool, its de­sign was gen­uinely su­perb.

But on top of that… look at it! I’d swear it was de­signed specif­i­cally to sit un­der a spot­light. The way the light falls in an arc across the bot­tom dome, the daz­zle of the shiny metal arm, the glint as the screen’s plas­tic bezel caught the light in its trans­par­ent edges – and, of course, a shin­ing Ap­ple logo on the front, a re­flec­tive spot against the plain matte back­ground.

The finely crafted, beau­ti­fully ma­chined uni­body iMac on my desk sud­denly looks so dull in com­par­i­son…

The G4 iMac ac­tu­ally had quite a lot of life in it, too – I worked in an of­fice that had one of the later G4 mod­els run­ning for years, well after the In­tel switch had hap­pened and all the other ma­chines around it had turned the shim­mery grey of alu­minium. It had its hard drive and RAM up­graded, an Air­Port card and its OS kept up to date to make it at least semi-rel­e­vant, and I loved us­ing it ev­ery so of­ten.

I doubt we’ll see any­thing quite like it from Ap­ple again. It would be quite a re­ver­sal from the min­i­mal­ist uni­body style to go back to some­thing with all th­ese joints and sep­a­rate sec­tions, and with much larger screens on the iMacs now, the arm might not be prac­ti­cal. But still, if Ap­ple does re­lease a larger iPad in the fu­ture, some­one needs to make a stand for it styled just like the can­tilevered G4 iMac. I’ll pay any­thing.

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