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One as­pect of my Ap­ple ex­pe­ri­ence I par­tic­u­larly like is the co­her­ence across de­vices. For ex­am­ple, I can ac­cess my Num­bers spread­sheets from my Mac­Book Pro, Mac mini, iPad Air, iPhone 5 – and when I’m at work on my Win­dows lap­top I can ac­cess them via a web browser. Well, un­til Septem­ber, I could…

One morn­ing I opened up iCloud.com on my Win­dows lap­top, and was ad­vised that to con­tinue to use iWork apps via a browser I had to up­grade to iCloud Drive. The co­nun­drum is: if I don’t up­grade, I can’t use iWork apps via a browser any more; if I do up­grade to iCloud Drive, I will only be able to ac­cess my doc­u­ments from iOS 8 and OS X 10.10.

I was away from home at the time, so do­ing an im­me­di­ate iOS 8 up­grade wasn’t de­sir­able. But even if I up­grade to iOS 8 at an early op­por­tu­nity, OS X 10.10 isn’t out yet. So with no prior warn­ing, Ap­ple had forced a choice upon users. If only they would en­able iCloud Drive ac­cess on OS X 10.9… after all they re­leased a soft­ware up­grade for Win­dows!

In my mind, this is clearly not the ex­pe­ri­ence Ap­ple is famed for. Friends made com­ments like “it would have never hap­pened on Steve’s watch”, which left me won­der­ing, now Ap­ple has lost its pro­duc­tand user-ex­pe­ri­ence-fo­cused tech­nol­ogy en­tre­pre­neur and handed over the reins to its for­mer COO, will it start los­ing its way? Jamie Cameron

Matt Bolton says: We ac­tu­ally talked about the iCloud Drive switch in our YouTube show, but the short ver­sion is that, yes, we com­pletely agree Ap­ple has han­dled the move to iCloud Drive re­ally poorly. To have launched some­thing like this with any chance that it could wipe your files or leave you with­out ac­cess to them is ridicu­lous. I think Ap­ple should have left out the iCloud Drive op­tions in iOS or any­where else un­til it was ac­tu­ally ready to launch, at which point it could have pushed out an up­date.

Whether this would have hap­pened un­der Steve Jobs’ watch is more com­pli­cated. The Mo­bileMe train­wreck hap­pened dur­ing his time, after all – it seems like Ap­ple still strug­gles to un­der­stand the cloud to this day.

iCloud Drive will make sense when Yosemite is re­leased, but its lack of Mav­er­icks support is an­noy­ing.

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