IKEA BEKANT Sit/Stand Desk

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What is it? Sci­en­tists on the in­ter­net tell us that sit­ting down to work your whole life is not 100% great for the state of your pos­ture. Stand­ing desks are great for your over­all health, but it is nice to sit down some­times, isn’t it? Mo­torised desks that let you raise or lower their height so you can use them with a chair (or not) are noth­ing new, but they’re rarely as cheap as this one from IKEA is. Which is sort of IKEA’s rai­son d’être, think­ing about it, so maybe is no sur­prise. When’s it due? Soon, but was de­layed at the time of writ­ing. Why are we ex­cited? Stand­ing desks re­ally do have ma­jor long-term health ben­e­fits, so the more af­ford­able they are, the hap­pier we’ll be in a few years time. Just press a but­ton on the side of the BEKANT and the built-in mo­tor raises and low­ers the height for your con­ve­nience. Please do check the weight lim­its be­fore us­ing it as a lift to reach your at­tic, though…

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