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The two big new fea­tures in Mail are Mail Drop and Markup. Mail Drop al­lows you to send at­tach­ments up to 5GB in size by up­load­ing them to iCloud Drive, then send­ing the email with spe­cial link in it. The re­cip­i­ent can then click the link to down­load the file. It’s not a huge im­prove­ment on us­ing, say, Drop­box to ac­com­plish the same task, but it does re­move a cou­ple of steps from the process. You will, of course, need to have enough spare ca­pac­ity in your iCloud stor­age plan to host the file.

The other big new fea­ture is Markup. It’s an ex­ten­sion that al­lows you to an­no­tate im­age and PDF at­tach­ments from within Mail. This means team mem­bers can send at­tach­ments back and forth, adding an­no­ta­tions, with­out leav­ing Mail.

To use it, click on an at­tach­ment to pre­view it and then click on the icon at the top-left of the win­dow to bring up a tool­bar. If you’ve ever an­no­tated images or PDFs in Pre­view, you’ll have an idea what to ex­pect here – the tools are very sim­i­lar. Yes, it’s ba­sic and feels like an app within an app, but with­out the abil­ity to, say, press ç+Z to undo.

While it looks great in the demon­stra­tions, Markup is not the kind of fea­ture we imag­ine many peo­ple will use. It is, how­ever, a great way to demon­strate ex­ten­sions, third party add-ons that add func­tion­al­ity to OS X. Specif­i­cally, Markup is an Ac­tions ex­ten­sion, which means it al­lows you to edit or view con­tent.

Other types of ex­ten­sion in­clude Finder, which al­lows you to cus­tomise the Finder; Share Menu, which adds items to the Share Menu in the Finder and apps which support it; and To­day, which adds el­e­ments to the To­day View in No­ti­fi­ca­tion Cen­ter.

Mail has another, smaller change as well. It han­dles threaded mes­sages dif­fer­ently, dis­play­ing both the first name and ini­tial of ev­ery­one in the thread in the mes­sage pre­view, rather than just the name of the most re­cent sender.

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