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In Con­tacts, choose Card > Go to My Card, and then click the Edit but­ton at the bot­tom of it. Check­boxes ap­pear next to the items you’ve filled out, en­abling you to choose which are in­cluded when you share your con­tact de­tails via email, Air­Drop or the other meth­ods avail­able from the Ac­tion but­ton. Sadly, this abil­ity isn’t avail­able for other con­tact cards, so you can’t quickly choose which de­tails to pro­vide about, say, some­one from your team at work or an ac­tiv­ity group in which you par­tic­i­pate. If you need to dis­con­nect from a Wi-Fi net­work (if you’re in a pub­lic hotspot for in­stance), but want to keep Wi-Fi turned on to use Air­Drop, å- click the Wi-Fi sta­tus icon. You will now find an op­tion to dis­con­nect from the cur­rent net­work.

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