Re­fine us­ing the Trim tool

Tidy up your cut us­ing the Trim tool’s ad­vanced ca­pa­bil­i­ties

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You’ve added ranges of clips to your project’s sto­ry­line to cre­ate a rough cut, but the de­ci­sions you’ve made aren’t fi­nal. The clips in the time­line are still linked to the longer source ma­te­rial from which they were se­lected, which al­lows you to fine-tune your de­ci­sions and en­hance your work – of­ten in sub­tle but im­por­tant ways.

For ex­am­ple, the end of a clip may need to linger for a mo­ment be­fore you cut to a dif­fer­ent scene for it to have the de­sired im­pact, or maybe the du­ra­tion of two in­te­rior shots of a driver that book­end an ex­te­rior shot feels im­bal­anced.

Where the ideal edit point lies de­pends on your per­sonal taste for tim­ing, and it may only be­come ev­i­dent while watch­ing your film and lis­ten­ing to the di­a­logue (not to men­tion other films).

The Trim tool is the sin­gle most im­por­tant tool for mak­ing th­ese changes quickly. It has sev­eral modes, though some of them may pass you by at first be­cause they are only avail­able when the pointer is po­si­tioned some­where spe­cific on a clip, and while a con­trol key is held down. You may even be miss­ing some

The Trim tool is an im­por­tant tool for mak­ing quick changes and fine­tun­ing your film

Get­ting your ed­its ex­actly right takes time, but can turn your film from be­ing merely good to ex­cel­lent.

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