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e’ve rarely seen as Ap­ple­like a setup as Poyan Panah’s here – the desk could almost be a setup from an Ap­ple Store – it’s so clean and clear, leav­ing the de­vices as the only fo­cus. But what re­ally gets us is the lit­tle Ap­ple showcase on his shelves.

“I got into buy­ing Ap­ple stuff when a child­hood friend of mine had a Mac so I got one too,” says Poyan. “After know­ing the his­tory of Ap­ple and the Mac, I also be­came a big Steve Jobs fan, so I stuck to the brand I be­lieved in.”

In­deed, out of shot in this pic­ture is a poster of the iconic im­age taken by Nor­man Se­eff of Jobs sit­ting cross-legged on the floor in his home in 1984, a newly-un­veiled Mac­in­tosh in his lap.

Poyan’s Ap­ple his­tory (and loy­alty) is ob­vi­ous from a look at those shelves, which show off an orig­i­nal iPhone (along with the

Wboxes for many more) and a Mac­in­tosh, among other Ap­ple clas­sics and books about Jobs (and a bob­ble­head of Steve!).

“The only third-party gear I have in my whole setup are my Harman Kar­don SoundSticks,” adds Poyan, though th­ese strik­ing speak­ers were fa­mous for hav­ing been de­signed by Ap­ple’s Jony Ive, so Poyan is still keep­ing it within the fam­ily!

“When I got my first Mac back in 1993 (which was a Per­forma 630), I was just a kid and I used to only play games on it. How­ever, in re­cent years I use it for work more.

“After know­ing the his­tory of Ap­ple and the Mac, I also be­came a big Steve Jobs fan”

Right up to date with his phone hard­ware, Poyan’s iPad is ac­com­pa­nied by a black iPhone 6.

4 By work, I mean paint­ing and brows­ing the web, and writ­ing doc­u­ments in Pages and lis­ten­ing to mu­sic,” ex­plains Poyan.

He’s been a Mac user for an im­pres­sively long time ( MacFor­mat started in 1993, too – we re­mem­ber the good ol’ Per­forma days), what does Poyan think of the di­rec­tion Ap­ple is tak­ing OS X and iOS in th­ese days?

“I love the di­rec­tion Ap­ple is go­ing with iOS and OS X – they keep them apart, yet they are sys­tems that can still com­mu­ni­cate with each other. I be­lieve that is very im­por­tant be­cause they are de­vices we use a lot,” says Poyan.

We asked Poyan about what Ap­ple prod­uct he plans to buy next, and we get the feel­ing that he won’t be alone among MacFor­mat read­ers here: “My next pur­chase will be the 5K Retina iMac – I wish I could af­ford one now!”

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