The curse of au­to­mat­i­cally mul­ti­ply­ing pho­tos

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If I take a photo, whether it be on my iPhone or my cam­era, it du­pli­cates on my iPad and iPhone once it’s synced to all my de­vices. I’ve tried all sorts of tweaks in set­tings and down­loaded apps for my Mac to get rid of the dou­bled (even tripled) pic­tures, but the only way I can seem to get rid is to man­u­ally delete them one by one. Also, some of the pic­tures don’t give me a ‘trash can’ sym­bol to delete them, which is an­noy­ing. They don’t du­pli­cate in iPhoto on my Mac. I’m wor­ried – am I us­ing stor­age for th­ese ex­tra pic­tures? Carl Spencer This hap­pens be­cause you’re im­port­ing pic­tures to iPhoto with­out delet­ing them from your iPhone af­ter­wards. Then in iTunes, you also have the op­tion to sync pho­tos from iPhoto ticked. So ev­ery time your iPhone or iPad sync, it trans­fers a sec­ond copy of each photo. There’s no trash icon for th­ese du­pli­cates be­cause they are part of the im­age li­brary on your Mac and iPhoto is con­trol­ling this.

To re­move the du­pli­cates from your iPhone and iPad, tap Set­tings > Pho­tos & Cam­era, and turn off My Photo Stream. This will warn you that the Photo Stream images will be deleted on your de­vice; that’s fine be­cause th­ese images are still on your Mac. Now in iTunes on your Mac, se­lect your de­vice from the side­bar on the left and on the Pho­tos tab, uncheck the box marked ‘Sync Pho­tos from iPhoto’. Again, this will warn you about delet­ing images and, again, this is per­fectly fine. Sync the de­vice.

Now, you can turn back on photo sync­ing in iTunes, or Photo Stream on your de­vice (but not both). In fu­ture when you sync new pic­tures across to iPhoto, delete them from the de­vice’s Cam­era Roll af­ter­wards. That way you’ll only have the copy synced or streamed from iPhoto.

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