Delet­ing the un­deletable

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I have a cou­ple of Macs and a PC, net­worked us­ing Eth­er­net to a Time Cap­sule. The main com­puter is a Mac mini and on this Mac, the Trash al­ways has some­thing in it. If I try to get info on th­ese items they dis­ap­pear and the Trash is then empty un­til it’s se­lected again, at which point they come back and the Trash shows it’s got some­thing in it again. Also, if I try to view the items in the Trash win­dow as icons I can't see them, but it says that they’re there. I didn’t no­tice this prob­lem be­fore I used the other com­put­ers to delete items from the Store/ Time Cap­sule; are they some sort of ex­ten­sion alias left over from delet­ing files over the net­work?

I’ve tried ‘Se­cure Empty Trash’ and all other meth­ods men­tioned on fo­rums, but they’re still there; I even tried restart­ing with the Trash empty, but as soon as I se­lect the Trash icon they come back. It’s not a real prob­lem, but it’d be nice to know what’s go­ing on! Phil Hickey Look­ing at the screen­shots you sup­plied, it’s clear that they have some dis­al­lowed char­ac­ters in their names. In fact, they’re made almost en­tirely of dis­al­lowed char­ac­ters. Files and fold­ers with slash, ques­tion mark and quote char­ac­ters can be­have very un­pre­dictably in OS X, so it isn’t sur­pris­ing that you can’t delete them. But you should still be able to re­name them. Just change their names to some­thing safe, like ‘temp1’ and you’ll be able to trash them.

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