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Some­times when my Mac­Book Pro is at home, my fam­ily go onto the guest ac­count. How­ever, some­one was on it re­cently but weren’t able to use it be­cause the dock was filled with ques­tion marks. How do I fix this? Chris Emer­son Those ques­tion marks ap­pear when the Dock short­cut can’t find the app it points to­wards. This can be be­cause the orig­i­nal has been deleted or moved, but in your case I think it’s more likely to be a per­mis­sions fault. If you log back into your own user ac­count (which pre­sum­ably has ad­min­is­tra­tor ac­cess) and bring up the Get Info panel for the Ap­pli­ca­tions folder, you’ll prob­a­bly find that it doesn’t show any shar­ing per­mis­sions for the ‘Ev­ery­one’ group. This needs to be ‘Read only’ at least, in or­der to be able to see the apps. You can cor­rect this your­self man­u­ally or run Re­pair Per­mis­sions in Disk Util­ity.

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