Which cer­tifi­cates do I need for a new lap­top?

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To­day I have faced an is­sue with my daugh­ter’s new MBP. On her pre­vi­ous ma­chine I had se­cu­rity cer­ti­fi­ca­tions from Co­modo in­stalled so we could have dig­i­tally signed and en­crypted emails sent. Since we got her new MBP and mi­grated some sys­tem data from a Time Ma­chine backup, the cer­tifi­cates are no longer recog­nised. I have deleted the cer­tifi­cates and re­in­stalled them with no suc­cess. Cedric Richardet Sys­tem Mi­gra­tion from a Time Ma­chine backup will copy across pass­words in the Key­chain, but it won’t mi­grate cer­tifi­cates prop­erly be­cause th­ese are ma­chine spe­cific. You need to open Key­chain Ac­cess on the old lap­top, se­lect the cer­tifi­cates and choose File > Ex­port. You can save the ex­ported file to a USB drive or at­tach it to an email. Then on the new Mac­Book Pro, dou­ble-click the cer­tifi­cate file and Key­chain Ac­cess will ask if you want to add it. This as­sumes you still have ac­cess to both lap­tops. If the old one has al­ready been re­for­mat­ted and sold – or has died com­pletely – you’ll need to re­voke the cer­tifi­cates and ap­ply for a new set. You can do this by sub­mit­ting a support ticket to Co­modo at support.co­modo.com.

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