MiniDrone Jumping Sumo Spring-loaded trick­ery abounds

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1 De­spite its fairly min­i­mal, chunky looks, the Jumping Sumo man­ages to cram in a charm­ing amount of character. Us­ing thumb con­trols to pro­pel the ’bot fast be­comes in­tu­itive; soon you’ll be spin­ning it in quar­ter- and half-cir­cles, tilt­ing your iPhone for more pre­cise steer­ing. There’s a drop-down menu of pre­pro­grammed tricks to choose from, too. What’s more, it can leap im­pres­sively into the air at a tap of the screen, clear­ing the bet­ter part of a me­tre. Zoom­ing about, the cam­era pro­vides you with a Sumo’s eye view of your liv­ing room, which is hugely en­joy­able.

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