Ol­lie A nippy lit­tle num­ber for smaller driv­ers

Mac Format - - IOS-CONTROLLED TOYS - £80 Sphero, gosphero.com

3 All bright colours and rounded edges, Ol­lie seems seems de­signed to ap­peal the younger mar­ket. Link­ing up to your iPhone through Blue­tooth, its con­trol app of­fers gen­eral driv­ing du­ties to your right thumb, leav­ing your left free to hit up the ‘trick pad’ for spins, hops and so on. It sounds sim­ple enough, but its learn­ing curve is steep if you want to gain any real con­trol, es­pe­cially given its speedy move­ment – we found our­selves us­ing the re­cal­i­bra­tion op­tion more of­ten than we’d have liked. Its sturdy build and em­pha­sis on cre­at­ing tricks, though, is sure to drive kids wild.

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