Helo TC Ass ault No rush to get to this chopper

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1 An iPhone-con­trolled he­li­copter, ca­pa­ble of fir­ing a pair of mis­siles – sounds great, right? Well, if we’re hon­est, our test­ing model didn’t make it off the ground. The best we man­aged was a sta­tion­ary chopper, ro­tor blades whirring… pe­ri­od­i­cally bash­ing into one another and dis­rupt­ing their own mo­men­tum. Adding in­sult to in­jury, this doesn’t even run on smart­phone alone – you need to plug in a sep­a­rate, bat­tery-pow­ered con­troller in or­der to op­er­ate it (we’ve had one of th­ese work­ing in the past, but it’s hard to con­trol, too).

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