Air­Play and Blue­tooth audio in one great speaker – Mis­sion’s back

Mac Format - - RATED | KIT - £499 Man­u­fac­turer Mis­sion, mis­ Con­nec­tiv­ity Wi-Fi, Blue­tooth, 3.5mm aux, op­ti­cal audio, USB Fre­quency re­sponse 80Hz – 20kHz Driv­ers Six BMR Driv­ers, one sub­woofer Lovely open 3D sound Nice warm audio with punch Good con­nec­tion op­tions Prett

Re­mem­ber Air­Play? It’s all gone a bit quiet on that front, but Mis­sion is back with this high­end Air­Play speaker, which also packs in Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity.

The Aero is a wide, stark speaker, all black and sil­ver, sit­ting on a lit­tle round foot. We like its de­sign, though we ap­pre­ci­ate it might not be to ev­ery­one’s taste.

It’s easy to get set up on your net­work – sim­ply plug your iPhone into its USB port to share your Wi-Fi net­works with it, and then you’re ready to play your tunes. We had no prob­lem find­ing it as an Air­Play tar­get on Macs or iOS de­vices, and were quickly blast­ing out our test room’s win­dows – the Aero can go pretty damn loud. It’s got a re­ally wide, open sound, thanks to its 3D sound en­gine; place it next to a wall and the room will fill with mu­sic im­pres­sively. (You can turn the 3D sys­tem off, but… well, let’s just say: don’t turn it off.)

The sound qual­ity is great too, as you’d ex­pect for the price. The bass is strong and clear, and the whole sounds­tage is rich and warm. There’s quite a bit of kick right at the high end, which isn’t a bad thing, but took some get­ting used to for us. Some sound in the lower end of the tre­ble can get a bit lost in the mix, but it’s a mi­nor nig­gle rather than a big is­sue.

Other mi­nor is­sues we had were that vol­ume jumps tend to be a bit big if you’re us­ing but­tons rather than a slider, and some stut­ters when we first started to stream on our net­work, but they don’t mar things over­all – this is a lovely Air­Play speaker, if ex­pen­sive. Matt Bolton

A big speaker with great, rich, broad sound and a good range of con­nec­tions. Not cheap, mind.

The Mis­sion Aero’s alu­minium case is pretty strik­ing, and the de­sign will turn heads.

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