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Tech­nol­ogy gen­uinely im­proved through… more tech­nol­ogy. Sim­ple to set up, prac­ti­cal and not overly ex­pen­sive.

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This is a case for your This disc-like, bus-pow­ered iPhone (5-se­ries, though 6, USB hub is 51mm in 6 Plus and iPad ver­sions are di­am­e­ter, 16mm thick, and avail­able or im­mi­nent) with a its 127mm-long USB cable fits neatly re­mote con­trol that clicks se­curely in a trench around its edge with four into the back. This con­nects USB ports. The trench is only 7mm wire­lessly us­ing Blue­tooth, and wide – com­fort­able enough for slim when you press its ‘Now’ but­ton, it plugs like Ap­ple’s, at least. The hub’s em­u­lates a ‘vol­ume up’ press, own plug shows poor judg­ment, trig­ger­ing Cam­era’s shut­ter. You though – the arc of plas­tic on the might ar­gue that this is a daft thing end of it of­ten ends up block­ing the for a prod­uct to do, but you can’t port next to the USB slot you’ve ar­gue that it doesn’t do it well. It used it in on a Mac­Book Pro. Giv­ing adds some bulk (but less than we more USB slots but tak­ing away ex­pected), and there’s an ecosys­tem HDMI or head­phone use isn’t ex­actly of other ac­ces­sories that can clip ideal. Alan Stone­bridge into the case. Christo­pher Phin

What it sets out to do, it does well. A lit­tle pricey, though, and you wouldn’t want to take it off and on of­ten.

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