Mac Format - - RATED | KIT - £80 Man­u­fac­turer Mad Catz, madcatz.com

4 For some­one who has their Mac hooked up to their TV, this Blue­tooth key­board will make a lot of sense. With me­dia and vol­ume con­trols, along with a nub to move the mouse pointer, you’ve got con­trol over your movie and a key­board for the oc­ca­sional tweet about it. Although not of­fi­cially sup­ported, most keys work with an iOS de­vice. It sup­ports switch­ing be­tween mul­ti­ple Blue­tooth con­nec­tions, but for any­thing other than HTPC use, how­ever, you won’t find it so use­ful – the keys are too small for typ­ing. Ian Even­den

A small, light key­board that can switch be­tween four de­vices, but its tiny keys make desk­top typ­ing rather tricky.

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