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Mac Format - - RATED | IOS APPS - 69p De­vel­oper Fleksy, fleksy.com

Fleksy is a real de­par­ture from the stan­dard swipe-style key­boards, with just three rows of let­ters seem­ingly float­ing on the screen. You don’t swipe your fin­ger across the keys you type as nor­mal; this sounds a bit re­dun­dant, but in use it’s very com­pelling. You just tap vaguely in the area of the let­ter you’re after – even if you type gib­ber­ish, the Fleksy au­to­cor­rect sys­tem jumps in and de­ci­phers the words you meant to type. It takes a lit­tle bit of faith to trust the Fleksy sys­tem, but it works very well.

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