Tidy up all your pho­tos

With iPhoto soon to be re­tired, it’s time to get your pho­tos or­gan­ised

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You might have had a bit of a shock on at­tempt­ing to launch iPhoto on an iPhone or iPad after up­grad­ing to iOS 8. The app was abruptly dead and in­ac­ces­si­ble, su­per­seded by Pho­tos, which gained fil­ters and more edit­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties. In 2015, Ap­ple will bring sim­i­lar think­ing to the Mac, re­plac­ing iPhoto with an OS X ver­sion of Pho­tos.

Gen­er­ally, when a desk­top app is re­tired, it doesn’t sud­denly stop work­ing and force you to mi­grate to an al­ter­na­tive prod­uct. Chances are, you’ll still be able to con­tinue us­ing iPhoto for a while – although that’s not guar­an­teed. How­ever, it’s clear that if you’re an iPhoto user on OS X Yosemite, you should start plan­ning for the fu­ture, be­cause Ap­ple’s made it clear iPhoto has no fu­ture.

Although we wouldn’t rec­om­mend switch­ing to Pho­tos the in­stant it’s re­leased (hold back a bit to dis­cover whether it’s rel­a­tively bug-free), it makes sense to use it as an ex­cuse to tidy things up in iPhoto, in prepa­ra­tion. We don’t know pre­cisely how iPhoto con­tent will map to Pho­tos, but we can make ed­u­cated guesses that your al­bums will move across in­tact; ad­di­tion­ally, now’s the time to erad­i­cate clut­ter, such as those blurred shots. Even if you de­cide to stick with iPhoto (for now) as long as pos­si­ble, our tips will im­prove your ex­pe­ri­ence in the app! Craig Gran­nell

If you’re an iPhoto user on Yosemite, you should start plan­ning for the fu­ture – since iPhoto has no fu­ture!

iPhoto’s been around on the Mac for years, but it’s on bor­rowed time. Soon it’ll be re­placed by Pho­tos.

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