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As a first-gen­er­a­tion iPad owner, I was a lit­tle taken aback by Gary Mar­shall’s com­ments in his We Love Ap­ple fea­ture in MF280. Specif­i­cally, (re­ceiv­ing free OS up­dates) “feels like Ap­ple thank­ing you for your cus­tom by putting its money where its mouth is and keep­ing your de­vice as cur­rent as pos­si­ble”. Almost as soon as the war­ranty had ex­pired on my iPad, its in­ter­net ac­cess be­gan to crash after a few min­utes’ use. Ap­ple fo­rums in­formed me that this was a common prob­lem. By mon­i­tor­ing the sit­u­a­tion, I read that the bug that caused the crash was re­solved in iOS 7. I (re­luc­tantly) ac­cept that the first-gen­er­a­tion iPad can­not be up­graded beyond iOS 5, but can any­one give me a good rea­son why Ap­ple can­not re­lease a patch for those of us who sup­ported their first foray into tablet com­put­ing? My iPad ex­pe­ri­ence sharply con­trasts with my ex­pe­ri­ence of us­ing Sam­sung smart­phones. The Sam­sung was a spe­cial of­fer from my ISP – if an iPhone had been avail­able, I would have taken it. I’ve had four years’ prob­lem-free smart­phone use. My iPad is due for re­place­ment. Who do you think has earned my cus­tom? Mark Sy­der Chrisi­tian Hall says: Sadly, all hard­ware is limited by its soft­ware ver­sion, Mark. It’s sim­ply im­pos­si­ble for back­wards com­pat­i­bil­ity, and in­deed sta­bil­ity, to be univer­sal. iOS 5.1.1 was the fi­nal OS ver­sion for the first iPad, and though ad­mit­tedly that’s only about two years of up­dates, the iPad 2 is al­ready past that point, go­ing from iOS 5 to iOS 8. I think it’s amaz­ing that Ap­ple has worked iOS to func­tion bet­ter for more de­vices and over a longer pe­riod of time. In fact, the lat­est ver­sion of iOS (8.1.1) has even ad­dressed fur­ther is­sues with the ag­ing iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. iOS de­vices are far more likely to stand the test of time than An­droid smart­phones, where the roll­out of new ver­sions is ham­pered by the huge de­vice frag­men­ta­tion. As tech moves on, Ap­ple has to say goodbye to older mod­els, but given where iOS is at present, I doubt the com­pat­i­bil­ity prob­lem across mod­els will start to de­crease. Ap­ple prides it­self on how much take-up there is when a new ver­sion of iOS gets re­leased (48% in the first four weeks for iOS 8), far out­strip­ping the up­grade path for An­droid.

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