ITunes in­sists on no­ti­fy­ing me for ev­ery song

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I re­cently up­graded to Yosemite and now I find that iTunes is no­ti­fy­ing me ev­ery time the song changes. I find this quite dis­tract­ing and I would like to turn it off. Chang­ing this in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences only lasts un­til the next time I restart, so each morn­ing I have to turn it off again, which is almost as an­noy­ing as the no­ti­fi­ca­tions. Is there a way to force OS X to re­mem­ber my pref­er­ences? Fail­ing that, can turn­ing them off be au­to­mated? Grant E Hal­dane Oh, this has been driv­ing me gen­tly nuts since Mav­er­icks! Your let­ter ac­tu­ally gave me the fi­nal push to fig­ure out what is ac­tu­ally go­ing on. The ~/Li­brary/Ap­pli­ca­tion Support/ No­ti­fi­ca­tionCen­ter folder seems like a promis­ing place to start, but if you delete it or drag it to the Desk­top, it doesn’t get au­to­mat­i­cally recre­ated when you restart. This sug­gests that your no­ti­fi­ca­tion pref­er­ences aren’t ac­tu­ally stored there.

My the­ory is that they used to be and then this was changed in Mav­er­icks. If you up­grade to Mav­er­icks or Yosemite, the old No­ti­fi­ca­tionCen­ter folder gets left be­hind and ei­ther over­rides the new pref­er­ences set­tings each time, or pre­vents them from be­ing saved prop­erly.

So let’s try this: open Ter­mi­nal and type: This will re­turn a long folder name and you need to use the “cd” com­mand to change to this folder. As an aside, you can ac­tu­ally do this in one step by typ­ing: You need to use the sin­gle quote that shares a key with ~ on your key­board, not the one that ap­pears on the “key.)

From this folder, type th­ese three lines, press­ing ® after each one: Now restart and change your pref­er­ences again. This time, they should stick.

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