How do I make a cal­en­dar with photo cap­tions?

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For the past three years I have cre­ated a cal­en­dar from my iPhoto al­bums, but can see no way to add a de­scrip­tion be­low each of the pho­tos in it. You can only add de­tails to the cover photo.

I have Pho­to­shop El­e­ments 11, but I have not ex­plored it suf­fi­ciently yet to see if it can do this. I have also checked my copy of iPhoto ’09: The Miss­ing Man­ual and it con­tains noth­ing about this. Robin Mellings I haven’t played around with iPhoto cal­en­dars enough to be sure how re­cently this was added, but you can def­i­nitely do it in the cur­rent ver­sion (which is iPhoto 9.6). If you se­lect a cal­en­dar page and click the Lay­out but­ton at the bot­tom of the win­dow, you’ll see two lay­out op­tions for each ar­range­ment of pho­tos. The left one is just the photo; the right­hand one has a cap­tion be­neath it. The thumb­nails don’t make it very ob­vi­ous, but it’s there. If you are ma­rooned on an older ver­sion of iPhoto that lacks this, you could use Pho­to­shop to edit cap­tions onto the pho­tos, and re-im­port the edited ver­sions into iPhoto, but this is a good deal fid­dlier.

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