Min­i­mal­ist desk­top pub­lish­ing comes to the Mac – but is it worth £21?

Mac Format - - RATED | MAC APPS - Yo gg llc, 64-bit pro­ces­sor, 9.9MB disk space El­e­gant in­ter­face Wide blog support One-click pub­lish­ing

Bl­ogo 2 at­tempted to bring one-click blog­ging to OS X ( MF279), but its fea­turerich in­ter­face got a bit busy – and a bit buggy in the process. Desk takes a dif­fer­ent tack by stream­lin­ing its fea­ture set and putting the fo­cus squarely on the act of writ­ing.

Blend­ing a min­i­mal­ist in­ter­face aped from iA Writer with broad oneclick pub­lish­ing support, Desk en­ables Word­press, Tum­blr, Mov­able Type, Type­pad, Face­book, and even Squares­pace blog writ­ers to post their thoughts in­stantly.

The edit­ing win­dow is a pared­down set-up, with fad­ing bor­ders and up­dated read­ing time, character and word counts as you type. Its baked-in blog tools are slick, too: you can hyperlink text, style fonts, embed video, and drag-and-drop images into the edit­ing win­dow to re­size and align on the fly, thanks to Desk’s con­text-sen­si­tive right-click menus. Th­ese WYSIWYG fea­tures work well with Mark­down, so writ­ers can freely mix up the two. Choose a pub­lish­ing plat­form from the ver­ti­cal menu bar and you soon have ac­cess to pub­lished posts, draft pre­views and

Desk is a deftly de­signed desk­top pub­lish­ing client with wide support for blog­gers. Rec­om­mended.

plat­form-spe­cific op­tions, like Word­press cat­e­gories, tags, slugs, and fea­tured images.

Desk is highly pol­ished and a ver­sa­tile writ­ing workspace, and its iCloud in­te­gra­tion, Day/Night modes and doc­u­ment ex­port op­tions put it on par with most min­i­mal­ist writ­ing apps. It's not cheap though, so if you only write, try iA Writer. But if you blog, use Desk. Tim Hard­wick

Desk makes light work of desk­top blog­ging with min­i­mum fuss.

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