HoudahGEO 4

Build a bet­ter photo li­brary by plot­ting your shots on the map

Mac Format - - RATED | MAC APPS - De­vel­oper Houdah Soft­ware, houdah.com Pro­cesses Works with Light­room, Aper­ture Easy to get ac­cu­rate plots Whole process is au­to­mated Sup­ports RAW files and JPEG

Pho­tos snapped with an iPhone are Geo­tagged, with the phone writ­ing its lo­ca­tion into the file so that apps like Light­room and iPhoto (and shar­ing sites like Flickr) can plot it on a map. Many cam­eras do the same, but not all of them. The process uses GPS, but if your cam­era doesn’t sport this fea­ture, HoudahGEO plugs the gap.

Down­load and im­port your shots and you can use Google Maps or its own in­ter­nal map to spec­ify where they were taken, zoom­ing in to street level for best re­sults and pro­vid­ing sup­ple­men­tary plainEnglish pla­ce­names if you choose.

So far, so sim­ple, but it gets re­ally clever when you start to au­to­mate things. Im­port a track of way­points – a list of where you’ve been and when, recorded us­ing an iOS app or a ded­i­cated GPS de­vice – and HoudahGEO matches up the time­stamps on each photo with po­si­tions on the track. So, if it sees that a pic­ture was taken at 3pm it can look at the track, see where you were at that time, take the co­or­di­nates from the track and ap­ply them to the photo.

You can cor­rect the pho­tos’ time­stamps if your cam­era clock is wrong and up­load the re­sults di­rectly to Flickr and Ever­note, or ex­port them for use in iPhoto, Aper­ture or Light­room. Log­ging your pho­tos this way makes them eas­ier to cross-ref­er­ence, be­cause you can quickly find the same lo­ca­tion shot across mul­ti­ple ses­sions on a sin­gle map. Nik Rawl­in­son

It’s the quick­est, eas­i­est way to ac­cu­rately geo­tag your pho­tos with­out the cost of a cam­era up­grade.

Tag mul­ti­ple images at once or au­to­mate the process by im­port­ing way­points.

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