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Ap­ple sold a whop­ping 19 mil­lion Macs in FY 2014, set­ting new records to cel­e­brate its thir­ti­eth an­niver­sary year. Ap­ple shipped 5.52 mil­lion Macs in its Oc­to­ber quar­ter – an all-time record, up 21% year-on-year. This is a rad­i­cal turn­around since 1997, when Dell boss Michael Dell in­fa­mously said he would have “shut down” Ap­ple in or­der to re­turn money to the share­hold­ers.

The his­tor­i­cal roots of Ap­ple’s turn­around lie in Steve Jobs’ decision to adopt OS X, In­tel pro­ces­sors, embrace of the in­ter­net and the suc­cess of its re­tail out­lets, mu­sic, ser­vices and mo­bile prod­ucts.

Ac­cord­ing to IDC’s quar­terly PC tracker, Ap­ple achieved its high­est-ever PC mar­ket share in the Oc­to­ber quar­ter. “Th­ese re­sults are re­mark­able given the con­trac­tion in the global PC mar­ket and we now gain mar­ket share for 33 of the last 34 quarters,” said Ap­ple CFO, Luca Maestri.

“We’re es­pe­cially proud,” said Tim Cook, Ap­ple CEO, “of our Mac re­sults con­sid­er­ing the over­all con­trac­tion (1.7%) of the global PC mar­ket this year. We achieved our high­est quar­terly mar­ket share since 1995. “Be­ing up 21% in a mar­ket that’s shrink­ing doesn’t get bet­ter than that.”

Macs took a whop­ping 13.4% of the US PC mar­ket and Ap­ple now sits in the num­ber five spot when it comes to global PC ship­ments, be­hind Len­ovo, HP, Dell and Acer. “The company’s steady growth, along with re­cent price cuts and im­proved de­mand in ma­ture mar­kets, has helped it to con­sis­tently out­grow the mar­ket,” IDC said.

Ap­ple con­tin­ues to reap div­i­dends on strength of its prod­uct range. The faster (and cheaper) Mac­Book Air, the faster (and cheaper) iMac and the crit­i­cally ac­claimed 5K iMac all meet the needs of cus­tomers seek­ing qual­ity. Ap­ple’s re­cently up­graded sub-£500 Mac mini and pow­er­ful Mac Pro are also win­ning hearts – and Mac users punch above their weight.

While Macs ac­count for a small per­cent­age of over­all PC sales, NetMar­ketshare fig­ures show OS X Yosemite al­ready ac­counts for 3.48% of the over­all PC OS mar­ket, while OS X Mav­er­icks stands at 2.12%.

In con­trast, de­spite the the­o­ret­i­cal mar­ket­share dis­par­ity of PCs in com­par­i­son to Macs, Mi­crosoft’s lat­est OS Win­dows 8.1 (which shipped Oc­to­ber 2012 – a year be­fore Mav­er­icks) holds 8.3% share with an ad­di­tional 3.28% on Win­dows 8. This means just 11.58% of PC users em­ploy re­cent Win­dows op­er­at­ing sys­tems, while Mac users ac­count for circa 5.6% of over­all PC users. This sug­gests that for ev­ery two ac­tive

“This in­cred­i­ble line of prod­ucts and the ecosys­tem that sup­ports them is some­thing only Ap­ple can cre­ate.” Tim Cook

Win­dows users, there’s one ac­tive Mac user – and Ap­ple’s crowd is grow­ing each quar­ter.

“As the low end of the PC business is swal­lowed by cheap de­vices, the only peo­ple left in the mar­ket for tra­di­tional PCs will be pro­fes­sion­als,” IDC an­a­lyst, Tom Mainelli told the New York Times. Pro users are will­ing to pay for Ap­ple so­lu­tions. “I think they’ll con­tinue to go up,” he ob­served.

2015 should see even more suc­cess for the plat­form, as Ap­ple de­ploys In­tel’s pow­er­ful 14-nanome­ter Broad­well pro­ces­sors. Th­ese power ef­fi­cient chips are ex­pected to be 30% faster than those used in Macs right now. Th­ese faster Macs, in com­bi­na­tion with OS X’s well pub­li­cised Con­ti­nu­ity fea­ture, should help Ap­ple sell Macs to mil­lions of sat­is­fied iPhone users, who now recog­nise the longer us­able life of Ap­ple’s plat­form in con­trast to low cost PCs. “This in­cred­i­ble line of prod­ucts and the ecosys­tem that sup­ports them is some­thing only Ap­ple can cre­ate,” Tim Cook said.

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