IPhoto won’t let me im­port sound with my movies

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I’ve owned a Fuji HS10 bridge cam­era for sev­eral years, for pho­tos and video clips that I make into iMovies. That was, un­til the ar­rival of Mav­er­icks! I don’t know whether this caused the prob­lem, but sud­denly video clips no longer played the sound recorded with the scene. If I trans­fer the video clips to my iMac via Im­age Cap­ture, I can pro­gram the clip to play in Quick­Time Player. I then ar­range for all video clips end­ing MOV to open and play in Quick­Time. This works well. How­ever the clips still have no sound in iPhoto. Clips trans­ferred to iPhoto lose the MOV. I have tried to add MOV, but this doesn’t work. I have re­placed my iMac and Mac­Book with new ones dur­ing the last month, and the prob­lem re­mains. Bryan Sharpe This is all to do with codecs. A codec (short for en­coder/ decoder) is an al­go­rithm that spec­i­fies the way that mul­ti­me­dia in­for­ma­tion is rep­re­sented us­ing dig­i­tal bits and bytes. Your Fuji HS10 records audio as a mono stream en­coded with the WAV codec, which is un­com­pressed. The Quick­Time MOV file for­mat is just a con­tainer for mul­ti­me­dia that uses lots of dif­fer­ent codecs, so know­ing that a video file a MOV doesn’t tell you much about the codecs used inside. Quick­Time sup­ports WAV, so your audio plays in the Quick­Time Player, but iPhoto doesn’t any more. There’s no real rea­son why it should – it’s a photo (not a video) app. Us­ing it as an im­port app for video cam­eras was al­ways a kludge. You are much bet­ter off sim­ply im­port­ing the footage from the cam­era di­rectly into iMovie, or via Im­age Cap­ture to MOV files and then im­port the MOV files to iMovie.

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