Time Ma­chine won’t re­store to a new disk

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I’ve just re­stored my Late 2012 (Yosemite) iMac. I was asked to re­store from Time Ma­chine, but I opted not to do this be­cause I wanted to re­store cer­tain fold­ers only, so I de­cided to re­in­stall the OS in­stead. After a few days, I no­ticed Time Ma­chine had done a few back­ups, but now it won’t let me view nor re­store any of my files from be­fore my sys­tem re­store. Time Ma­chine says it has 41.9MB free of 1TB, so my data is still on there! Dar­ren Critch­ley It’s on there, but Time Ma­chine isn’t show­ing it be­cause it thinks it be­longs to a dif­fer­ent Mac. Ev­ery disk vol­ume has a unique num­ber as­so­ci­ated with it (a UUID). Time Ma­chine sep­a­rates back­ups ac­cord­ing to the UUID of the source disk, and it only shows you back­ups that be­long to the same UUID (oth­er­wise you’d end up with a mess of files from two dif­fer­ent disks get­ting merged in the same folder). When you deleted your old vol­ume, you cre­ated a new one with a dif­fer­ent UUID. In fu­ture, use Mi­gra­tion As­sis­tant: this re­laxes the UUID con­straint, so that you can re­store from one Mac to another. By skip­ping this step, Time Ma­chine thought it was look­ing at a new Mac and cre­ated a new backup set. To get to your old data back, use the tmu­til com­mand in Ter­mi­nal. First find the new­est snap­shot of the old backup set; click Go > Net­work in Finder and se­lect your Time Cap­sule. Click the vol­ume that ap­pears. This shows the sparse bun­dle for Time Ma­chine. Dou­ble-click this and ‘Time Ma­chine Backup’ will ap­pear in the Finder side­bar. When clicked, you’ll see a folder called Back­ups.back­updb. Inside that is a folder for the old backup set and one for the new set.

Open Ter­mi­nal and type sudo tmu­til as­so­ci­ate­disk -a / (with a space after ‘/’). Don’t hit ® ; in Finder, drag the folder for the most re­cent backup from the old set to the Ter­mi­nal win­dow. This will fill in the folder path to the tmu­til com­mand. Now hit ® . Your cur­rent disk UUID is now as­so­ci­ated with the old back­ups and you can re­store your data from Time Ma­chine.

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