Prizmo 3.0.1

Cor­rect skewed images and ap­ply OCR to doc­u­ment scans

Mac Format - - RATED - £35 (Pro Pack costs £17.49) De­vel­oper Creaceed, Re­quires 64-bit Mac Fast, ac­cu­rate, pow­er­ful Cur­va­ture tool fid­dly to use

The built-in Im­age Cap­ture tool is fine for quick im­age-based scans, but if you want to ex­tract text and other el­e­ments from scanned doc­u­ments, you’ll need Prizmo. It works with a wide range of in­put sources, from your scan­ner or im­age file to iOS cam­era (over iCloud or USB) or even a cap­tured por­tion of your desk­top – par­tic­u­larly use­ful for trans­lat­ing text from one of over 40 lan­guages sup­ported by the pro­gram.

Once your im­age is im­ported, Prizmo has two modes: Pre­pare and Rec­og­nize. Pre­pare is where you crop your im­age, with a handy cur­va­ture tool for cor­rect­ing warped ob­jects like the pages of a book. You can also per­form ba­sic im­age cor­rec­tions, such as colour bal­ance and light­ing. It works well, although the cur­va­ture tool is fid­dly; changes are only shown after you’ve ap­plied them, which can make for a frus­trat­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

In Rec­og­nize mode, Prizmo quickly carves up the text and images into in­di­vid­ual el­e­ments and then at­tempts to gen­er­ate ed­itable text from them. The re­sults de­pend on your orig­i­nal scan’s res­o­lu­tion, plus any cor­rec­tions you’ve ap­plied. If the qual­ity’s good enough there’s lit­tle to be done, but you’ll find all the tools you need if more rad­i­cal ed­its are re­quired, from re­typ­ing text to ad­just­ing se­lected ob­jects and chang­ing ob­ject types.

Ver­sion 3 is now Yosemite-only and takes full ad­van­tage of this fact; there’s a Yosemite-friendly re­design, support for Hand­off (re­quires the £6.99 iOS app) and im­prove­ments to its Ac­ces­si­bil­ity and VoiceOver fea­tures. It also in­tro­duces ex­ten­sions to al­low the im­age clean-up and OCR tools to be used in other com­pat­i­ble apps, plus slashes prices across the board. Nick Peers

Prizmo re­mains the go-to app for those who want to get more from their im­age and doc­u­ment scans.

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