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Wi-Fi stor­age woes

In your Fe­bru­ary 2015 is­sue the ar­ti­cle Im­prove Your Mac had some great ad­vice. But some­times all the pieces do not mesh to­gether per­fectly, es­pe­cially when Ap­ple throws a late-cy­cle span­ner in the works.

Un­der Wish You Had Bought Big­ger? you men­tion the use of ex­ter­nal stor­age de­vices, and es­pe­cially wire­less ones via Wi-Fi. And un­der Up­grade Your iOS De­vice you say “you can also stream movies and TV shows bought from the iTunes Store”.

It is im­por­tant that peo­ple know that late in the iOS 7 pe­riod, and con­tin­u­ing in iOS 8, Ap­ple has mod­i­fied the DRM decode rou­tines in iOS such that movies and TV shows pur­chased from the iTunes store will no longer play if they are stored on wire­less stor­age de­vices. In my case, since I pri­mar­ily en­joy those pur­chased items when I am trav­el­ling on aero­planes (which I do a lot of) my use of ev­ery­thing I paid for has been taken from me. I have lost over $3,000 paid to Ap­ple!

Ap­ple’s ser­vice peo­ple tell me that the DRM is now work­ing as de­signed. I never should have been able to use movies and TV shows in this way. Your read­ers should be alerted to this is­sue be­fore buy­ing any ex­ter­nal wire­less stor­age de­vice. Chris­tian Brynes

Chris­tian Hall says: Thanks for the tip-off Chris­tian. This fix­ing of a ‘bug’ in Ap­ple’s DRM will po­ten­tially af­fect many pur­chasers of wire­less stor­age, and we’re not aware of an of­fi­cial an­nounce­ment on Ap­ple’s part. Still, Wi-Fi drives are great things to own if DRM al­lows. Not many folk can af­ford to splash out on the high­est ca­pac­ity iPhones and iPads, so the abil­ity to off­load your me­dia col­lec­tion is some­thing we should all con­sider.

Un­der iOS 8, wire­less hard drives like this one will no longer stream DRM’d movies.

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