The Ta­los Prin­ci­ple

Puz­zle-solv­ing an­droids

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The an­cient Greeks wan­dered the coun­try­side and pon­dered the mean­ing of life. As you wan­der the beau­ti­ful is­lands of The Ta­los Prin­ci­ple, you’ll won­der the same thing – it’s as much a philo­soph­i­cal mys­tery as a puz­zle game.

Your avatar awak­ens to the voice of Elo­him, a pro­gram-de­ity in­struct­ing you to use jam­mers, laser-fo­cus­ing prisms, hex­a­he­drons, and your brain to col­lect sig­ils. You’ll think in­side and out­side the lit­eral puz­zle boxes: prob­lems are self- con­tained, but ex­tra chal­lenges re­quire you to break the rules and tra­verse mul­ti­ple rooms. You’ll visit Greek, Egyptian and Me­dieval zones: it’s a bit like The Crys­tal Maze, ex­cept you’re solv­ing the puzzles your­self in­stead of shout­ing at oth­ers.

The Ta­los Prin­ci­ple asks: what does it mean to be alive? What is the na­ture of free will? You can at­tempt most sig­ils at your whim, and there’s a steady in­crease in com­plex­ity. You can’t save in the mid­dle of puzzles, and some are fairly long, but most rely on in­volved prob­lem-solv­ing rather than sheer dex­ter­ity.

The story it­self is a puz­zle, told through ter­mi­nals and mes­sages from the ghosts of an­droids past. Are th­ese sen­tient pro­grams ves­tiges of hu­man­ity, or an­other test from Elo­him? Dare you climb that for­bid­den tower? Th­ese ques­tions stay with you as you track down the sig­ils, and you’ll want ev­ery last one of them. Alan Wil­liamson

For a game about puz­zle-solv­ing an­droids, The Ta­los Prin­ci­ple has an abun­dance of hu­man­ity.

In­trigu­ing philo­soph­i­cal story

Chal­leng­ing, not frus­trat­ing

Stunning lo­ca­tions and mu­sic

Can’t save dur­ing puzzles

The game’s en­vi­ron­ments beau­ti­fully jux­ta­pose clas­si­cal ar­chi­tec­ture with more fu­tur­is­tic ob­jects.

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