Delete du­pli­cate pho­tos

Free up space on your Mac’s hard drive by con­sol­i­dat­ing your images

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Just how much space on your hard drives is taken up by du­pli­cated pho­tos? Thanks to two free pro­grams – Du­pli­cate Pho­tos Cleaner and Du­pli­cate Cleaner for iPhoto – you can eas­ily go through a se­lected drive, folder or iPhoto li­brary and weed out un­nec­es­sary copies, po­ten­tially free­ing up many gi­ga­bytes of drive space.

Both apps are avail­able free through the App Store and – once in­stalled – work in a sim­i­lar way. The only real dif­fer­ence is how you se­lect what to scan – the step-bystep guide op­po­site re­veals what to do with Du­pli­cate Pho­tos Cleaner, while Du­pli­cate Cleaner for iPhoto will first ask you to launch iPhoto, then se­lect your cho­sen iPhoto li­brary be­fore go­ing through it look­ing for du­pli­cates.

Note that Du­pli­cate Pho­tos Cleaner can’t com­pare the con­tents of mul­ti­ple drives, so you can’t in­ad­ver­tently delete any pho­tos backed up to an­other hard disk. Also be­ware that clean­ing pho­tos us­ing ei­ther pro­gram means delet­ing them com­pletely – they aren’t sim­ply moved to the trash. So pro­ceed with cau­tion and if you haven’t backed up your pho­tos, do so af­ter clean­ing up to en­sure you have a fail-safe copy. Nick Peers

You can eas­ily weed out copies, free­ing up many gi­ga­bytes of hard drive space


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