Take con­trol of iTunes 12

Let the all-new iTunes mix your mu­sic and share your me­dia

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iTunes is easy to make more per­sonal. You don’t ac­tu­ally need to build playlists by hand ei­ther, or even spec­ify cri­te­ria for tracks you want to hear by cre­at­ing a Smart Playlist. In­stead, you can pick a sin­gle track or genre from your li­brary and tell iTunes to gen­er­ate a playlist or a con­tin­u­ous mix based on that one piece of in­for­ma­tion alone.

If you’re play­ing DJ at a party, you’ll def­i­nitely want to mas­ter the Up Next fea­ture, which en­ables you to put songs in a queue and make ad­just­ments to the or­der of play­back on the fly.

iTunes takes up a lot of space on the desk­top, so there’s a MiniPlayer mode that pro­vides all of the es­sen­tial fea­tures for con­trol­ling play­back in a much smaller win­dow that’s ideal for keep­ing open at the side of your desk­top.

Got an iPod or other iOS de­vice that you want to copy me­dia to (who hasn’t)? You can copy it from iTunes to the de­vice. If you’ve got too much mu­sic to fit on your de­vice, take a look at iTunes Match – this makes your mu­sic avail­able to stream over the in­ter­net, even if you bought it on CD orig­i­nally. You can also stream mu­sic and other me­dia be­tween de­vices on your home Wi-Fi net­work, set up your fam­ily’s iTunes Store ac­counts to down­load each other’s pur­chases on your per­sonal de­vices, and even man­age your kids’ spend­ing. Let’s see how to do all th­ese great things in the new iTunes 12. Alan Stone­bridge

A MiniPlayer mode pro­vides all of the es­sen­tial fea­tures for con­trol­ling play­back in a smaller win­dow

In­tel­li­gent fea­tures en­able iTunes 12 to serve up great mixes of mu­sic with min­i­mal ef­fort.

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