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Love it or loathe it, email isn’t go­ing away any time soon. With its del­uge of spam, junk and ad­verts, many of us find wad­ing through hun­dreds of emails a daily chore. But as long as busi­ness are us­ing it it’s here to stay.

How­ever, in­box sift­ing doesn’t have to be an te­dious task. While Ap­ple makes a per­fectly func­tional email app called Mail, there are plenty of vastly bet­ter email clients on the App Store. Our favourite is Mail­box.

With Mail­box you can quickly skim through your mes­sages, and swipe away the ones you don’t want. You can also swipe to read (or delete) all of the mes­sages in your in­box at once. So if there’s noth­ing use­ful, you can quickly delete ev­ery­thing and move on, which we re­ally like.

Mail­box is for canny email users who rou­tinely empty their in­box (known as In­box Zero). To this end it has a few tricks up its sleeve. You can swipe a mes­sage off to the left and set it to re-ap­pear later (say, in three hours). This is great for emails you know are im­por­tant, but just can’t deal with now.

If you are swamped with emails, then Mail­box is prob­a­bly the best apps you can get. Dis­cover how to get Mail­box up and run­ning on your iPhone in the walk­through be­low. Lou Hat­ter­s­ley


Read and delete email

Mail­box is de­signed for canny email users who rou­tinely empty their in­box

All your emails ap­pear in the Mail­box list as they do in any email client. You can mark mes­sages as read by swip­ing them to the right (so a green tick ap­pears). Slide them fur­ther to the right and the green tick turns into a red cross, in­di­cat­ing that the email will be deleted. Scroll to the very bot­tom of the Mail­box and swipe the bar at the bot­tom to the right to read, or delete all the mes­sages in your Mail­box.


Read later and lists

Swipe an email to the left to re­veal a yel­low Later op­tion. A set of nine but­tons ap­pear over the screen for times such as Later To­day (three hours time), This Evening, or To­mor­row. Tap­ping one of th­ese re­moves the mes­sage from the Mail­box, and re­turns it to the Mail­box at that time. Slide a mes­sage even fur­ther to the right to add it to a list such as To Buy, To Read or To Watch.

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