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I have a hard disk from an old Mac Pro that crashed. The drive was mounted as part of a RAID 0 ar­ray and at the time I as­sumed all the data was lost. Now I won­der if it was just the RAID con­troller that failed and I want to put the disk in a USB drive en­clo­sure to see if I can read any of the data. But I’m con­cerned OS X may try to write some­thing to the disk that will cor­rupt the RAID 0 struc­ture. Can I can make my drive read-only? Mark Kee­gan I’m con­cerned that you are re­fer­ring to your ‘drive’ as sin­gu­lar. RAID 0 dis­trib­utes file data among two or more drives, as a way of speed­ing up data ac­cess. If you only have one drive from a two-drive RAID 0 set, then even if re­cover the data, you will only have the odd or even-num­bered stripes from each file. Which ef­fec­tively means you have noth­ing at all. For your plan to work, you will need to mount all the orig­i­nal drives in an en­clo­sure that sup­ports RAID 0. You can get th­ese for about £70 on Ama­zon.

Once you have a suit­able en­clo­sure for the drives, you needn’t worry about write-pro­tect­ing them. If the orig­i­nal prob­lem was the RAID con­troller, you should be able to read them. If it wasn’t, you won’t. If you’re re­ally determined, there are hard­ware write block­ers for USB de­vices, from about £250. But, you can achieve the same thing per­fectly well in soft­ware. Eject a disk in Finder and re­mount it in Ter­mi­nal us­ing But this won’t pre­vent OS X mak­ing changes to the drive, be­cause by that point it’s al­ready been mounted. That’s be­cause the OS will au­to­mat­i­cally try and mount any drive in read-write mode as soon as it’s con­nected. What you need is some­thing that in­ter­cepts OS X’s auto-mount­ing process and mounts the disk in read-only mode first. Disk Ar­bi­tra­tor is a free tool that does ex­actly this. You can down­load it from github.com/aburgh/Disk-Ar­bi­tra­tor.

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