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My 2011 iMac has de­vel­oped a strange pat­tern that dis­plays over ev­ery ap­pli­ca­tion win­dow. It looks like a chess­board grid of yel­low squares. If I scroll the win­dow, the pat­tern moves as well and re­boot­ing doesn’t fix it. It only af­fects the ap­pli­ca­tion win­dows them­selves – the desk­top back­ground is fine. Up­grad­ing to Yosemite didn’t help. Mike Doul­ston Try th­ese two tests. Take a screen­shot with ç+ß+3 and set that as your desk­top back­ground. Then restart with ß held down, to start up in Safe mode. If the pat­tern ap­pears on the desk­top but doesn’t show on the app win­dows while you are in Safe mode, it’s a graph­ics driv­ers fault. Re­in­stalling OS X us­ing ç+R to restart in Re­cov­ery mode may help, oth­er­wise re­port it to Ap­ple. But I don’t think you’ll need to cross that bridge. More likely, the pat­tern will still be there in Safe mode. That in­di­cates a hard­ware fault. If you can see the pat­tern on the desk­top, it’s a graph­ics card fault. If the desk­top looks fine but the app win­dows are still messed up, it’s an LCD dis­play fault. Re­pair­ing ei­ther isn’t cheap and you may want to cut your losses and get a new one or a work­ing sec­ond­hand model.

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