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I work as a free­lance video edi­tor and fre­quently re­ceive large num­bers of video clips that are sup­pos­edly in .mp4 for­mat but they don’t have the file ex­ten­sion, so lots of apps don’t recog­nise them. If I re­name the file to add the ex­ten­sion my­self they work fine but there are lots of them and this can take a long time. Is there a util­ity that will put the right ex­ten­sion on them for me au­to­mat­i­cally? Lynn Ponting Yosemite added a handy batch file re­nam­ing func­tion that might do what you need. Just se­lect mul­ti­ple files, right-click and choose Re­name from the con­text menu. Change ‘Re­place Text’ to ‘Add Text’ and put ‘.mp4’ in the box next to it. This works very well for most files but it will fail for those that have full stops in the file­name, such as Pro­jectX.Source.Clip1. Us­ing batch re­name on this will turn it into Pro­jectX.Source.mp4. Clip1 be­cause Yosemite in­ter­prets the frag­ment af­ter the last full stop as the proper file ex­ten­sion and is try­ing to pre­serve that. For a more bul­let­proof so­lu­tion, you’ll need to use the Ter­mi­nal. Type fol­lowed by a space and drag the folder con­tain­ing your files from Finder to the Ter­mi­nal win­dow. This sup­plies the full path to the cd com­mand. Press ® to change to that folder. Next, en­ter the com­mand:

to add .mp4 to the end of ev­ery file­name in that folder.

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