Is the squeak­ing from my mouse?

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My hard disk has started mak­ing oc­ca­sional squeaky scrap­ing noises – like the sound of a DVD drive eject­ing, ex­cept my Mac mini doesn’t have a DVD drive. Is this some­thing to worry about? It also co­in­cides with the ap­pear­ance of the dreaded beach ball. Rav Sinha Squeaky scrap­ing noises are never good. The best case sce­nario is a fan with a worn bear­ing. The worst case is a fail­ing hard disk and the worst case is also the most likely. The usual ad­vice is to back up im­me­di­ately and brace for im­pact. But this is like wait­ing un­til your car hits a patch of ice be­fore putting on your seat belt. You should be – ev­ery­one should be – back­ing up with Time Ma­chine ev­ery hour. If you haven’t en­abled Time Ma­chine, this ad­vice may come too late. If you are backed up, sim­ply get a re­place­ment hard disk of the same phys­i­cal di­men­sions; 2.5 inches by 9.5mm tall (yes, it’s ridicu­lous that met­ric and im­pe­rial units are mixed like this). To speed up your mini, up­grade to a solid-state drive (SSD); see uk.cru­ for those. Re­place the drive; it will boot into in­ter­net re­cov­ery mode; down­load Yosemite, then re­store from your Time Ma­chine backup and the scrap­ing noise will be si­lenced.

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