Can my apps run in stealth mode?

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I’m look­ing for a way to load apps when I log in to my Mac with­out hav­ing them dis­played in the Dock – I want them to run in­vis­i­bly in the back­ground. In Lo­gin Items pref­er­ences there’s a col­umn la­belled Hide, but adding an app to this and tick­ing the hide box ap­pears to make no dif­fer­ence. Sam Yu That op­tion in Lo­gin Items is in­tended to re­move the icon clut­ter from the menu bar for those lit­tle helper apps, like Drop­box and Air Dis­play, that don’t nor­mally ap­pear in the Dock any­way. Apps that nor­mally dis­play a Dock icon will still do so with the Hide op­tion ticked. It is pos­si­ble to hide the Dock icon for run­ning apps us­ing this Ter­mi­nal com­mand:

Just re­place <app­name> with the name that ap­pears when the pointer is over the Dock icon. This isn’t al­ways the same as the name that ap­pears in the menu. Chrome’s name is ac­tu­ally “Google Chrome”, for ex­am­ple, and you’ll need to sur­round it with quote marks be­cause the name con­tains a space.

Fun though this lit­tle hack is, it isn’t es­pe­cially use­ful. It only hides the Dock icon and menu for the app, not win­dows that are al­ready open. And for some apps, do­ing any­thing that causes the app to gain fo­cus can pop any hid­den win­dows back into view. It’s also not per­ma­nent.

To hide an ap­pli­ca­tion from the Dock au­to­mat­i­cally, cre­ate an Au­toma­tor ap­pli­ca­tion con­tain­ing this Ap­pleScript: tell ap­pli­ca­tion “Cal­en­dar”

ac­ti­vate end tell tell ap­pli­ca­tion “Sys­tem Events”

set vis­i­ble of process “Cal­en­dar” to false end tell

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