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I live in a house with thick walls and poor Wi-Fi sig­nal cov­er­age, so I have in­stalled two Wi-Fi points – one for the ground floor and one for up­stairs. The prob­lem is that the down­stairs one is first in the list of net­works and so my Mac­Book Pro al­ways tries to connect to this one first. If I am up­stairs and it wakes from sleep it con­nects to the very weak sig­nal from down­stairs, even if I was con­nected to the up­stairs one be­fore. Is there a way to force it to re­con­nect to the same net­work each time? M Ful­ger Net­work pref­er­ences has an op­tion in the Ad­vanced set­tings that re­quires ad­min­is­tra­tor autho­ri­sa­tion to change net­works. This will stop OS X from hop­ping net­works au­to­mat­i­cally and will re­quire your pass­word when­ever you try to change man­u­ally. But I think there’s a much bet­ter so­lu­tion. In­stead of split­ting the house into sev­eral sep­a­rate net­works, con­fig­ure the up­stairs ac­cess point so that it extends the range of your net­work. This will tell it to re­broad­cast the sig­nal from the down­stairs ac­cess point. The house now ap­pears to have a sin­gle net­work that reaches ev­ery­where. To set this up on an Air­port Ex­press, hold the re­set but­ton down un­til the yel­low light starts blink­ing (this re­sets it) then re­con­fig­ure it in Air­port Util­ity but choose ‘Add to an ex­ist­ing net­work’.

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