4-in-1 lens for iPhone 6

Mac Format - - RATED - £69 Man­u­fac­turer Ol­lo­clip, ol­lo­clip.com

3 We’ve al­ways liked the Ol­lo­clip 4-in-1 iPhone lens kits. They al­low you to get amaz­ing 10x and 15x macro shots on your phone, as well as stylish fish­eye and wide an­gle pics. This re­designed iPhone 6/6 Plus ver­sion still takes great shots, but is a bit fid­dlier to fit, and cov­ers both the flash (of­ten not that a big a deal) and the am­bi­ent light sen­sor, mean­ing the screen dark­ens, play­ing havoc with your ex­po­sure ad­just­ments. You can turn au­to­bright­ness off, but it’s not ideal. We still rec­om­mend this, but it’s lost some of its lus­tre here. Matt Bolton

Still a great pack­age for tak­ing macro and wide-an­gle pic­tures on your iPhone, but there are a few frus­tra­tions with this ver­sion.

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