Logic Pro X 10.1

Pro-level mu­sic pow­er­house em­braces eclec­ti­cism

Mac Format - - RATED - De­vel­oper Ap­ple, ap­ple.com os X 10.9 or later 64-bit pro­ces­sor, 4GB RAM Drum­mer does elec­tronic well Time Han­dles, Smart Quan­tis­ing

Ap­ple’s pro­fes­sional mu­sic pack­age is a familiar site in com­mer­cial record­ing stu­dios and on arena stages. It of­fers multi-track record­ing, great MIDI fea­tures, ef­fort­less loop-based mu­sic cre­ation and stacks of vir­tual in­stru­ments. With the Logic Pro X re­lease it gained tools for fix­ing tim­ing and tun­ing, a vastly im­proved in­ter­face, bet­ter MIDI han­dling and the ex­cel­lent Drum­mer, which al­lows in­cred­i­bly re­al­is­tic ‘live’ drum­ming.

Pre­vi­ously, the drum­mers were fine if you wanted to make rock, folk, coun­try or metal – not if you wanted to make dub­step, EDM or hip-hop.

She’s elec­tric

With Logic Pro X 10.1 Ap­ple has made the pro­gram more use­ful to elec­tronic mu­sic mak­ers. It has also fixed some bugs and in­tro­duced re­ally use­ful fea­tures for mu­si­cians and pro­duc­ers, in an up­date that’s free to ex­ist­ing Logic Pro X users.

The most ob­vi­ous new fea­ture is the ad­di­tion of 10 new elec­tronic and hip-hop drum­mers that make beat-mak­ing much eas­ier. You can stick with the pre­sets or fine-tune the drum ma­chines to your ex­act re­quire­ments, via Drum Ma­chine Designer. The new Note Re­peat and Spot Erase fea­tures make it much eas­ier to edit MIDI drum pat­terns with­out hav­ing to painstak­ingly ad­just in­di­vid­ual beats or notes. Pi­ano Roll has been tweaked to make it more drum-friendly: the new Brush Tool en­ables you to cre­ate a se­ries of notes with mouse or track­pad ges­tures and the new Time Han­dle fea­ture al­lows you to ex­pand or com­press MIDI. You can now slow down a pat­tern with­out chang­ing how it’s played.

The 10.1 up­date isn’t just for elec­tronic and hip-hop artists and pro­duc­ers, though. There are more than 200 new synth sounds and a brand new in­stru­ment, the Mel­lotron. There’s a new Smart Quan­tize fea­ture that can fix your

The lat­est Logic is in­cred­i­ble value – for money for acous­tic, elec­tric and elec­tronic artists alike

tim­ing with­out re­mov­ing de­lib­er­ate flour­ishes such as pi­ano fig­ures or drum fills. You can au­to­mate re­gions in­stead of en­tire tracks and move the au­to­ma­tion data when you move the re­gion or re­gions. There’s a re­designed Com­pres­sor plug-in. The Plug-In Manager is now cus­tomis­able and there’s sup­port for Air­Drop in Yosemite for shar­ing projects with other Macs.

With Logic Pro X 10.1 Ap­ple has pulled off a dif­fi­cult trick: the pro­gram is user-friendly enough that com­ing to it from GarageBand is no longer ter­ri­fy­ing, but while the face is friendly Logic Pro is a very pow­er­ful pro-level dig­i­tal au­dio work­sta­tion with an ex­cep­tion­ally low price. Where pre­vi­ous ver­sions were among the most ex­pen­sive mu­sic packages you could buy ver­sion 10.1 de­liv­ers in­cred­i­ble value for money for acous­tic, elec­tric and elec­tronic artists alike. Gary Mar­shall

Great new fea­tures, su­perb new sounds and bet­ter ways of do­ing things, at a great price: it’s a must-have up­grade.

We love Drum­mer’s live-sound­ing drums, and with this re­lease it gets elec­tronic kits and beats too.

Logic looks like GarageBand th­ese days. It’s de­lib­er­ate: it helps up­graders feel at home.

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