Typed 1.0

Yet an­other min­i­mal text edi­tor, though this one’s of­fer­ing Zen…

Mac Format - - RATED - De­vel­oper Real­mac, real­mac­soft­ware.com/typed OS X 10.9 or later speak­ers/head­phones if us­ing sound­tracks Min­i­mal writ­ing en­vi­ron­ment Pleas­ant char­ac­ter

Ever since dis­trac­tion­free writ­ing en­vi­ron­ment WriteRoom ap­peared, de­vel­op­ers have tried to find the per­fect bal­ance be­tween fea­tures and con­trol, en­abling writ­ers to con­cen­trate with­out clut­ter, yet not feel hemmed in by lim­i­ta­tions.

Typed has a keen sense of de­sign, yet doesn’t over­power. There’s a min­i­mal user in­ter­face, but you can dis­play word/char­ac­ter counts, choose back­grounds and type­faces. For writ­ing, mark­down sup­port and as­so­ci­ated key­board short­cuts make struc­tur­ing doc­u­ments a breeze. We thought we’d hate Zen mode, de­signed to boost con­cen­tra­tion and fo­cus with a fullscreen win­dow and sound­tracks. But the bun­dled sound­tracks are mostly very pleas­ant, drown­ing out back­ground noise with­out be­ing dis­tract­ing.

So Typed is good, but is it bet­ter than its main ri­vals? That’s tougher to an­swer. By­word costs half as much, is su­pe­rior for adding mark­down el­e­ments (such as links), has a type­writer mode, para­graph fo­cus, pub­lish­ing to blog ser­vices as an add-on, and more flex­i­ble fonts.

But Typed has a su­pe­rior find-an­dreplace, nicer (if more limited in choice) ty­pog­ra­phy, and handy way of ex­port­ing se­lected text to HTML rather than an en­tire doc­u­ment.

So it’s a dead heat be­tween Typed and By­word, and Typed’s twee yet en­dear­ing ad­di­tion of in­spi­ra­tional quotes to blank doc­u­ments nudges it just ahead. Craig Gran­nell

Typed man­ages to fuse min­i­mal­ism and us­abil­ity, with some char­ac­ter too. We liked it the more we used it.

To im­prove your work­flow, it’s best to re­move dis­trac­tions and Typed of­fers a very clear and fo­cused in­ter­face.

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