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We’ve looked at sev­eral key­board apps for iOS 8, but Snip­board is one that merely mod­i­fies the stan­dard iOS key­board so that you can quickly type out fre­quently-used ‘snip­pets’ of text, such as your email or postal ad­dress.

Just launch Snip­board and you are prompted to type in the snip­pets that you want to store. When you’re typing in other apps you can tap the globe sym­bol on the stan­dard key­board to ac­ti­vate Snip­board, and you’ll see all your snip­pets dis­played on screen, ready to be in­serted with a tap of your fin­ger.

Some ri­val apps, such as Tex­tEx­pander, are ar­guably more ef­fi­cient, but Snip­board works well if you just need to store a few key snip­pets of text. It’s free too, so there’s no prob­lem with try­ing it out to see if it saves you some time when typing emails and mes­sages. Cliff Joseph

It’s a bit ba­sic, but this free app can save you time typing out fre­quent­lyused bits of text.

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