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Mac Format - - UPGRADE! -

The small­est Mac in Ap­ple’s range fi­nally got a long awaited up­date in Oc­to­ber. It’s a wel­come up­date, but there’s been a few odd choices in the com­po­nents as well. Start­ing a new lower price of £399 (£100 cheaper than the pre­vi­ous model), it’s still the same shape as be­fore, but with some more mod­ern in­ter­nals.

It starts with a 1.4GHz In­tel Core i5 dual-core pro­ces­sor with In­tel HD 5000 graph­ics, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive – pretty much the low­es­t­end iMac with­out a screen. It’s the same kind of power as you get in a Mac­Book Air, but with­out the zip­pi­ness of flash mem­ory.

Higher end mod­els bring In­tel Iris graph­ics and the op­tion for a Fu­sion Drive hy­brid stor­age sys­tem, though ev­ery op­tion lim­its you to dual-core pro­ces­sors – a quad-core op­tion is sadly ab­sent. When step­ping up to the high-end model (£230 more than the pre­vi­ous model), you get a 2.8GHz Core i5, 8GB of RAM, In­tel Iris and a 1TB Fu­sion Drive, of­fer­ing more head­room for tasks such as video-edit­ing, but it still needs to be ac­cepted that they aren’t the pow­er­houses of some other Macs.

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