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I wish to share files stored on my NAS be­tween my Mac and a Win­dows PC. When I use Tex­tEdit (set to plain text) to view text files made in Win­dows there are no prob­lems, but that's not the case when look­ing at files made on the Mac in a Win­dows text edi­tor.

The best com­pro­mise on the PC is to use Word­Pad. Notepad re­ally up­sets the for­mat­ting and you can see many of the op­er­a­tors that shouldn't be vis­i­ble, so it’s al­most un­us­able. Word­Pad also shows some of th­ese op­er­a­tors. For ex­am­ple, dou­ble spa­ces (or more) and £ sym­bols are pre­ceded by A with a cir­cum­flex; apos­tro­phes are three un­wanted sym­bols but there’s no apos­tro­phe; and there may be oth­ers. Does Tex­tEdit have some (maybe not so ob­vi­ous) set­tings that would im­prove its com­pat­i­bil­ity with Win­dows text ed­i­tors, or should I switch to some­thing else? Stephen Bishop I’ve spent an hour now try­ing to re­pro­duce this phe­nom­e­non, with no suc­cess. I can cre­ate files in Tex­tEdit with plain text for­mat­ting and, whether I save them us­ing UTF-8, UTF-16 or Win­dows Latin, they dis­play just fine in Notepad. You prob­a­bly have some strange en­cod­ing in your orig­i­nal source files on the Mac. I’m bet­ting this doesn’t hap­pen if you just cre­ate a new plain text doc­u­ment in Tex­tEdit and then open it in Notepad.

The chal­lenge is to find a sim­ple way to strip the hid­den for­mat­ting from your ex­ist­ing files. Have you tried open­ing them in Word­Pad and then sav­ing them as plain text? Do you ac­tu­ally need them to be in such a prim­i­tive file for­mat? If this is just a ques­tion of com­pat­i­bil­ity, RTF (rich text for­mat) is well-sup­ported on both sys­tems.

sos@macfor­ Macs don’t need third-party se­cu­rity apps, and gen­er­ally run bet­ter with­out them. Rich text for­mat main­tains ba­sic text for­mat­ting when mov­ing be­tween Mac and PC.

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