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Will the Watch live up to the iPhone?

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pple’s de­scrip­tion of Watch as its ‘most per­sonal de­vice yet’ is very apt. Among the many ways you can use it to keep in touch with friends and fam­ily is to tap out a beat on its screen and have it re­layed to loved ones. You can even send your heart­beat to that spe­cial some­one and they’ll feel it as a pat­tern of vi­bra­tions on their wrist. You can send draw­ings to oth­ers’ Watches too.

One of Ap­ple Watch’s pri­mary func­tions, other than com­mu­ni­ca­tion, is health and fit­ness. Sen­sors en­able you to mon­i­tor steps taken and how many calo­ries you’ve burned. Ap­ple Watch will even tell you how of­ten you’ve stood up dur­ing the day.

More than any­thing else, Ap­ple Watch is a time­piece. A huge amount of time and ef­fort has gone into un­der­stand­ing how the world’s best watches are de­signed and made, and the re­sult is a watch that Ap­ple says will be ac­cu­rate to within “50 mil­lisec­onds of the de­fin­i­tive global time

As­tan­dard”. As Watch is con­nected to the in­ter­net via an iPhone, it will change time zone au­to­mat­i­cally when you move around the world. Per­haps the most im­pres­sive way that Ap­ple has em­pha­sised the per­sonal as­pect of the Watch is in the sheer range of avail­able op­tions. Ap­ple has cre­ated three ‘col­lec­tions’ for Watch: Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edi­tion. Each has its own char­ac­ter­is­tics – Watch has stain­less steel or black stain­less steel cases, Sport has an­odised alu­minium cases, and Edi­tion has 18-carat gold cases. Within each col­lec­tion is a va­ri­ety of strap and band op­tions. Fi­nally, there are a num­ber of watch faces to choose from, and each one can be cus­tomised, en­abling you to choose its colour and the level of de­tail it dis­plays. Al­to­gether, there are thou­sands of com­bi­na­tions and ways to per­son­alise Ap­ple Watch.

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