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I re­cently pur­chased a late 2014 Mac­Book Air to com­ple­ment my Mac mini. The mini is my ‘main’ ma­chine, hous­ing my com­plete mu­sic li­brary. iTunes Match and Home Shar­ing are en­abled on it and the Mac­Book. Why is iTunes tak­ing up 10GB of stor­age on my Mac­Book? As I’m shar­ing my li­brary from the mini to the Mac­Book, shouldn’t this not be the case? Is there any­thing I can do to clear this 10GB? Arthur Dardalis Chris­tian Hall says: It sounds like the space may be taken up by de­vice back­ups, which won’t have moved with your me­dia li­brary. iTunes backs up cer­tain iOS data such as app files, set­tings and pho­tos each time you sync an iOS de­vice (if that de­vice is set to back up lo­cally, rather than to iCloud). Th­ese back­ups are in /Users/<your_user­name>/Li­brary/ Ap­pli­ca­tion Sup­port/Mo­bileSync/Backup/.

Open a Finder win­dow, click Go on the menu bar and then hold å so that the Li­brary item ap­pears in the list. Choose it and then dig deeper from that point in the path listed above to reach the Backup folder. Se­lect that and choose File > Get Info to see how much space the back­ups use. In­di­vid­ual back­ups can be deleted from the folder, or un­der De­vices in iTunes’ pref­er­ences.

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