Can’t buy apps through a USB Wi-FI adapter

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The Wi-Fi card in my girl­friend’s 2011 Mac­Book Air failed, so she’s us­ing a USB Wi-Fi adapter, which works fine. How­ever, she can­not sign into the App Store or FaceTime. An er­ror says "your de­vice or com­puter could not be ver­i­fied. Con­tact sup­port for as­sis­tance". Bryan McGill The App Store, iCloud, FaceTime and sev­eral other ser­vices use the MAC ad­dress of your com­puter as part of the verification process. This doesn’t re­fer to Ap­ple Macin­tosh; it stands for Me­dia Ac­cess Con­trol and it is a unique se­rial num­ber hard-coded into ev­ery net­work de­vice by its man­u­fac­turer. Your IP ad­dress will change be­tween ses­sions and lo­ca­tions, but a net­work in­ter­face’s MAC ad­dress will never change. The USB adapter is a net­work de­vice in its own right, with its own MAC ad­dress. When you ac­cess the App Store through it, you are us­ing its MAC ad­dress, not the one that was orig­i­nally au­tho­rised for the built-in Wi-Fi adapter. This trips an in­truder alarm at the App Store and it locks you out. You should be able to fix this quite sim­ply. Delete /Li­brary/Pref­er­ences/Sys­tem Con­fig­u­ra­tion/Net­workIn­ter­faces.plist, then log out and then back in again.

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